Baby Cross Stitch Animals

These baby cross stitch animals celebrate the special attachment babies have a to animals. They know they are somehow "different" from the people and objects around them. Even stuffed, they have a warm, soft quality that appeals to little ones.

It starts with familiar animals like dog and cats and spreads to more exotic ones, say turtles or inchworms. Before long, dolphins and whales have joined the menagerie.

The cross stitch designs shown here capture the personality and fun of animals in a way that baby will see at once.

Add these to crib bumpers, mobiles, sipper cups, booties, afghans... the list is long. Click here to see over 50 suggested applications!

Click on the images to see a larger version or to print the chart.

Stitch our baby cross stitch animals

Apple a Day







Circus Seal

Circus Dog

Sleeping Kitten

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› Cross Stitch Animals

› Cross Stitch Animals