A Cross Stitch Heart
for Any Occasion

We see plenty of hearts every Valentine's Day, but the cross stitch heart design can be the right choice any time of the year.

Love is frequently on our minds. The heart is a favorite for doodling in the margins of our note paper. We add it to little messages to family members.

"Just for you, Mommie!"

Children come home from school with brightly colored hearts cut from paper and decorated with everything from lace to elbow macaroni!

Whatever the occasion, you'll find a heart pattern here that will fit your mood and message.

A cross stitch heart worth remembering

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Heart with a Southwest Flair
Violet Filled Heart
Wild Flowers Heart
zig zag rainbow heart



'Wild Flowers'

'Zig Zag Heart'

 'Lava Lamp'


'Blue Lace'

'5 Hearts in 1'

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