Free Fire Truck Cross Stitch Printable Pattern

This bright red cross stitch fire truck comes loaded with ladder on the side and lights flashing. You can almost hear the siren blaring!

Fire Truck Cross Stitch Pattern

Fire Truck Cross Stitch Pattern

This is another toy-themed heart that easily combines with "Sailboat," "Police Car," "Train" and "Kite." Intermix them with other brightly colored hearts embroidered with a single solid color.

Use variegated floss for hearts that are shaded from light to dark. Or adapt some of the patterned ones (like Lava Lamp, 5 in 1, etc.) to include the specific colors used all the "toy" designs you choose.

Fire Truck Bib

Stitch it yourself, or check our product on Cafe Press.

This cross stitch fire truck pattern was originally created as another block or square for a baby afghan or baby quilt. You can see that project by clicking here.

These small projects are perfect for weekend projects and before you know it, you have a quilt. It is a nice way to show someone how much you appreciate them.

Stitch Complexity

Stitch Count: 21 high x 23 wide

Fabric and Finished Design Sizes

9 Evenweave/Aida 2 1/2"h x 2 3/8"w (also for 18ct over 2 threads)
11 Evenweave/Aida 2 1/8"h x 1 7/8"w
14 Evenweave/Aida 1 5/8"h x 1 1/2"w
18 Evenweave/Aida (over 2 threads) 2 1/2"h x 2 3/8"w

For other Fabric and Finished Design Sizes, let our handy stitch count table do the calculations for you.

Click here for a printable Fire Truck cross stitch chart with instructions, stitch count and floss numbers. A new window will open so you can continue browsing here.

You can print all three pages of the file or just the pages you wish.

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