About Us

A labor of love

In the home where I grew up, crafts came as naturally as breathing. For my parents and my older siblings, making things wasn't something we did with our hands, it was something we did with our hearts. They planted a creative spark, then nursed it into a lifelong artistic pursuit.

Taught by the best

By the time I came along, doing a craft didn't require a trip to the store for supplies, but a trip to the other room. Fabric, every kind of sewing notion you could ever need, knitting needles, crochet hooks, more yarn than you could imagine, embroidery floss and needles, patterns, magazines, even a rug loom that we still own and operate.

Yet as valuable as those things were, they didn't compare to the decades of experience from my mother, aunts, sister, grandmothers. If we were old enough to hold a crochet hook or knitting needle, we were old enough to learn how to use it.

I also learned something else - that there is no substitute for learning from experience, and learning from experienced people. I was blessed to be taught all those tips and tricks gleaned from their years of crafting.

Fill the gap

These days, with family members often scattered across the country, this tradition of passing down the skills to the younger generations may be disappearing. But the internet helps fill that gap. At our fingertips, we have easy access to information, tutorials and videos to help us pursue any skill or craft we can imagine!

I inherited my paternal grandmother's artistic gift. I am a graphite pencil artist, and that experience helps me imagine and visualize new designs. Cross stitch is amazingly simple and beautifully complex, and every new design idea challenges me to create a counted cross stitch pattern that others are excited to stitch.

Join the journey

I have been designing cross stitch for almost ten years, and I stitch every cross stitch design I create. Any free moment, waiting in the doctor's office, watching your favorite show, is an opportunity for you to create something beautiful.

So come along with me on this journey. Stitch some patterns. Learn a new technique. Then teach someone else. Discover the joy of cross stitching!

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