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Has this ever happened to you, or am I the only one?

I remember something on a site that I really want to see again. Maybe it's something I didn't have time to read just then, or perhaps it's a reference I need to use again.

I go to the site (it's already bookmarked, of course) and look in what I think are all the logical places, but... no luck! If only I could search the site!

Even though I can't add one to all my favorite sites, I can provide a Site Search for my own.

Here's how it works. Just enter what you want to find into the search box, say "French knot" (without the quote marks). Click the Search button, and you'll find every page with a mention of the French knot.

Be more specific if you want to narrow your search. "French knot tutorial" will turn up fewer results.

Happy finding!

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