Angel Welcome Birth Record Printable Cross Stitch Pattern

Few events in life bring Angels to mind as readily as the birth of a baby. Their fragile innocence impresses on us the need for protection, nurturing and compassion. What fills that need better than an Angel?

Mothers know more than most that we can't do it alone. It takes divine intervention on a regular basis to raise a child.

That must be why we so often see Angels on Birth Announcements. They honor He who brought this new life to us and show us the promise of His presence in our lives. We never forget that Angels bring God's words to us and protect us in ways that often surprise us.

Design details for angel welcome birth record

Stitch Count: 50 high x 81 wide

Because a portion of the design is stitched over two threads, the finished design size is determined by the actual fabric count, divided by 2.

For example, using 18-count fabric, stitching over two threads (divided by 2), makes the finished size equal to 9-count fabric. So 50 x 81 will be about 5 1/2" x 9".

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I embroidered "Angel's Welcome Birth Record" on 18-count Aida with DMC 6-strand cotton floss and DMC variegated floss, and accented it with gold Kreinik Metallic thread.

The angel's gown and wings, surrounding clouds and text border were stitched over two threads, while the gold filigree on the bottom was stitched over one. The trumpet was over-stitched with gold as well. The fading of the text border, from light to dark to light again, was achieved by using variegated floss and completing each cross stitch singly.

Stitch complexity

The wing design has a high concentration of partial stitches. Some areas are over-stitched with metallic floss. The text border must be stitched in a particular way (described in detail in the pattern instructions) with the variegated floss. Because of these challenges, I would not recommend it as a first project for a novice stitcher.

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