Cross Stitch Border
"Forever Tulips"

With countless ways to customize it,
this cross stitch border pattern may be just what you are looking for!

You will discover many beautiful ways to frame and finish your cross stitch designs with our "Forever Tulips" border pattern.

Combine it with one of our many alphabets to cross stitch your favorite verse, sentiment or song lyrics. Search for meaningful images from a variety of sources, combine them into a singular cross stitch piece and surround it with a border to create truly personal and unique cross stitch treasures. Find just the right letters by clicking on Cross Stitch Alphabets.

Not only can  you change the colors, but you can change the layout of the individual design elements. In doing so, you'll find that you can use this same pattern over and over-- and it will look different every time!

It's easy to find just the right size

In this border pattern, the repetitive tulip design provides you with an easy way to achieve just the right size by adding or removing the tulip segments. Close, but not quite there? Look at the two side-by-side purple border examples to see how you can make smaller adjustments by simply changing the spaces between the elements.

Customize the cross stitch border design

While the square tulip motif adds extra style to the corners, another option is to place it in the middle of each side.

Inside and outside corners can then be redesigned. Rearranging the elements gives you a wide variety of ways to customize the border and make it your own.

As you alter the border, be sure to maintain the the look and feel of the various shapes. You can see how the "jagged" corners mimic the jagged tips of the tulip blooms and leaves

Pay attention to the little details. Take a look at the alternate version of the pink border and you'll see an extra tulip bloom and a single, dark green stitch in the corners. These changes may seem little, but they make a big difference in the overall design.

Changing the colors

Three color combinations are shown in the chart: peach, purple and pink tulips. However, you can easily try other colors.

For the tulips, you'll need four shades--a light, medium and dark, with a very dark for the backstitched outline. The blooms would be pretty in reds, oranges, yellows, and even blues.

Likewise, you can choose four different shades for the leaves, like avocado, kelly and hunter greens.

Remember that the shades aren't limited to the colors you see in nature. In these cases, you are the creator, and your flowers can be any colors you want them to be!

Design Details

I cross stitched this using DMC 6-strand cotton floss on 14-count Aida cloth.

Includes full cross stitches, 1/4 stitches, 3/4 stitches and backstitches.

The sides with the tulip segments are 8 stitches wide and the corner motif is 10 stitches square.

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