How to Complete a
Cross Stitch Row

The traditional method of making a cross stitch row involves first making successive beginning stitches in one direction to the end of the row, then making the crosses in the return direction, making an X of each one.

Regardless of which direction you work, you should make sure that the top stitches on your project all go in the same direction so the finished piece looks even.

Work a horizontal row of diagonal stitches left to right in the first of two passes. The second pass, in the opposite direction, will cross the stitches.

Let's get started!

Make a cross stitch row

1. Locate the lower left corner of your first stitch. Bring the needle up through the fabric here.

2. Crossing diagonally, push your needle down at the upper right corner.

3. At the hole immediately below, bring your needle back up to begin your second stitch...

4. ...and cross diagonally to the upper right corner. Push your needle down, completing another slanted stitch.

5. Bring your needle up again at the hole directly under it.

6. ...and cross diagonally to complete your last slanted stitch.

7. Now, begin the pass from right to left. Bring your needle up in the hole immediately below.

8. Crossing slant-wise to the upper left, push you needle to the back to complete your first cross stitch.

9. Bring your needle up in the hole below...

10. ...then repeat Step 8, crossing up and left to complete another stitch.

11. Come up again in the hole directly below.

12. Cross up and left diagonally, pushing your needle to the back of the fabric.

13. Your cross stitch row should look like this...

...and the back should look like this.

Now you're ready to start the next row.

This method is called the "push and pull method," the "punch and poke method" or the "stab method." I call it "one more step than I need to take." Once you've mastered this technique, or if you just want to simplify your stitching life and increase your speed, take a look at the sewing method, covered in another lesson.

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