Cross Stitch Shopping List

To be any good, a cross stitch shopping list has to have just enough detail without driving you nuts with clutter.

When I started working on it, I remembered leaving my job at a high tech firm years ago. I was still in Administrative Management mode, and I started applying my organizational tendencies at home, much to the amusement and frustration of my family.

When it came to shopping, I did what any self-respecting micro-manager would do. I sat down with my spreadsheet program and made a full-page list of E V E R Y T H I N G we might possibly buy in the line of food and household supplies.

On shopping day, I just printed out the spreadsheet and checked the cabinets. Instead writing down everything that we needed, I simply crossed off what we didn't. To me, it was foolproof.

The list was divided into categories -- fruits/vegetables, breads, and so on -- and these categories appeared in the same order as the aisles in the store.

Wait! It gets worse. The shopping list spreadsheet was tied to a 30-day menu spreadsheet!

It even had tiny squares at the bottom to check off as the items went into the cart representing each dollar spent.

My Ultra-simplified, Quick and Easy
Cross Stitch Shopping List

As you see here, my cross stitch supplies shopping list is not as involved. I'm more artist than administrator, so some of those pesky details are gone. And making a shopping list for cross stitch supplies is far more enjoyable than a grocery list.

Still, shopping is not stitching, and anything that gets the needle in my fingers more quickly is a big help to me.

It's easy to fold in half and slip in your purse (or pocket, as the case may be). It doesn't include every possible product, but simply the most common ones.

You might even try laminating this sheet and marking your specific needs with a grease pencil. Use it, wipe it off, and it's ready to go again.

Print it out just when you need to go shopping, or always keep a fresh one in your cross stitch bag. Give it a try, and it may help you, too.

Click here to print our cross stitch supplies shopping list.

The link will open in Adobe Reader or other program capable of reading a pdf file.

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