8 Reasons to Buy Your Cross Stitch Supplies Here

Shopping for cross stitch supplies used to be a lot more fun. With a trip to the local craft store you not only picked up what you currently needed, but you got to look around at the latest and greatest. Even if you were in a hurry, you'd know just which aisle to run to for a quick, dash-in and dash-out errand.

But the love affair between crafter and craft store appears to be waning. Seems many of us are finding more fad than familiar in that store we used to love. Especially with traditional crafts.

I read over and over, "I use this all the time, but my store doesn't carry it anymore!"

What's the good news? That same sentence is followed by, "I'm so glad I found it here!" Well, "here" is Amazon. Now better-cross-stitch-patterns.com has partnered with Amazon to bring cross stitch supplies directly to you.

1. Only Cross Stitch Supplies

Imagine . . . A new store opens

  • not a craft store that has a little bit of everything for everybody,
  • not a hobby store that combines knitting with model trains,
  • not even a needlework store.

But a cross stitch store, with nothing but cross stitch supplies. Sounds like heaven to me!

I search through hundreds of craft supply listings so you don't have to.

2. Best Reviewed Supplies

We pick up an item at the store. If we've used it before, we know how it performs. If a friend uses it, we trust their opinion. If a reliable sources recommends it, we can buy it with some level of certainty.

But what if none of those is the case? We need a new product, and just have to hope it lives up to its advertising.

Thankfully, online at least, we can read the reviews of other users. But what if that one product is available from multiple companies with dozens of options? That's a lot of reviews to read!

I know. I did it.

And now you don't have to.

If a product consistently under-performs, I don't put it in our store. Our goal is to carry the most reliably-used cross stitch products found on Amazon.

Ratings are sometimes misleading. In choosing Aida fabric, one individual item garnered a poor rating. This was a major brand with typically great reviews. When I read the comments, the stitcher gave it a 1 star rating because "The fabric really frays." In my experience, Aida frays--it is why you pretreat the edges with Fray Block. For this reason, I felt her product rating was unwarranted. It takes a lot of time to look deeper to make sure product and seller ratings are accurate.

3. Only the Best Sellers

One of the great things about Amazon is, if one seller is out of stock, another isn't. But how do you know who to trust. It isn't like walking into our neighborhood craft store and interacting with someone face-to-face.

Again, thankfully, customers online can communicate their experience with a particular seller by leaving a rating and written review. But a quick glance doesn't always tell the whole story.

One product earned outstanding written reviews, yet the seller's positive percentage seemed low. A little digging revealed a great written recommendation, "First time to order through Amazon and very pleased with experience." It seems she thought 1-star represented the best. That mistake lowered the seller's overall rating, at no fault of his own.

I've also seen a low rating where the buyer stated, "I was expecting ____. I guess I should have read the description more carefully." My research showed that the description was in no way misleading.

I choose sellers with genuinely positive ratings. Sitting on my desk is a growing list of sellers that have poor ratings, and I do not include cross stitch supplies from those vendors, even if I cannot find a particular product elsewhere.

4. Recommendations Based on Experience

Search through enough listings, read enough reviews, and often you'll see patterns develop.

For example, in cross stitch fabric, while DMC and Charles Craft consistently get high ratings, they have the smaller sized pieces of fabric. MCG Textiles also gets good ratings and offers larger cuts. Because I've stitched successfully with all three brands, they are part of our inventory.

There is a fabric seller that offers material in 10-yard lengths. This was invaluable to me when I needed a long piece of Aida to stitch a 5 1/2 foot dresser scarf, and now have a nice supply left over (at a great price!) for my future projects. There is a specific seller that frequently offers bulk buys of 3 or 6 identical packages of the cloth described in the prior listing.

If I put an item, a brand, or a particular seller in my store, it's because I do enough research to trust them. You'll  know what to expect when you shop for your cross stitch supplies with us.

5. More Cross Stitch Supplies All in One Place

It's frustrating to need 14 Count Aida, but can't find the size you want in Antique White; to need Size 26 Tapestry Needles, but have to buy it in a combo package with two other needles sizes you don't use. I've been there countless times.

And I didn't want you to have that same experience.

I go to the manufacturers' websites' to be better educated about which products are on the market and what features are available.

So I look through pages and pages of listings to be certain I am offering you as many good choices as possible (in one fabric category, I looked through 30 pages, containing 10 listings each, to be certain I found all the items available!).

More products. More colors. More sizes. More Choices.

6. Get Back to Stitching Faster

I love Amazon. I am disabled and cannot drive, so online shopping gives me the freedom to find what I need without my chauffeur (aka, husband). The variety and selection is better than today's craft stores, you can't beat the hours, and the reviews and ratings help me to make smart buying decisions.

So let me say again, I love Amazon.


Searching for specific items can be challenging. It depends on the seller listing the item exactly (well, mostly) as you would search for it. You get quite a few misses for every hit.

It is improving, but today a search for "Waste Canvas" resulted in listings for a freezable lunch bag, an-over-the-door shoe organizer, an under cabinet recycling waste can, and yes, some actual waste canvas. So there's a lot of coal to search through for every diamond you find.

I've done that for you already.

Then I make it easier by organizing your cross stitch supplies into common-sense categories. Within that, items are ordered by color, then size, for example. If needed, I add specifications below the item listing for clarification and for quicker scanning.

Shop at better-cross-stitch-supplies.com and discover the best things about shopping with Amazon.

7. Lowest Prices

I have been amazed at the range in prices that can be found for identical products.

Why, I ask, does a seller think that anyone in their right mind would pay $35 for the very same cross stitch fabric that costs only $9 from another seller? You just wouldn't believe how many times over the past weeks that I've encountered that exact situation!

Rest assured that you'll find the $9 piece of fabric in our store. As I continue to add items to our store, if I encounter an identical item for less money (all other things being equal), I replace it with the less expensive option.

You'll have to go straight to Amazon if you want to pay $35 ;-)

8. Frequently Updated Inventory

I continue to update and add inventory so that you can have access to the best cross stitch supplies Amazon has to offer.

I sort through the listings, read the product reviews and seller ratings, research manufacturers' products, and find the best prices so that shopping for cross stitch supplies can be fun again.

Click better-cross-stitch-supplies to check out our ever-growing product selection backed by the power, the convenience and the dependability of Amazon.com. Then let us know how to improve your shopping experience.

Just so you know . . .

You pay the same price in my store for the identical listing as you will pay going directly to Amazon.

I appreciate the commission I earn from Amazon for products you purchase. It helps me bring this website to you, free of charge.

You can get free shipping for many of your cross stitch supplies. To check out this and other benefits, right click on the Amazon Prime link below. A new window will open so you can easily return here to shop.

On a personal note: Our family has purchased thousands of dollars of merchandise for personal and business use through our Prime Membership with Amazon. Their return and refund process is quick and easy, and we've never had a bad experience with them.

Thanks for your support!