Hate My Wood Split Rail Frame

by Ted Tomany
(Little Rock)

When I purchased this split rail scroll frame, it claimed that all you needed to do was insert your fabric and start stitching.

Not so.

When you insert your fabric and roll it up on the top and bottom dowel you will only achieve vertical tension. THERE IS NO HORIZONTAL TENSION!!!!!!!

The sides of your project are nice and taut, however their center is not. The way these frames are constructed, there is no way to achieve horizontal tension without extra pieces of wood attached to the sides.

Have done some research on the internet, and I have yet to find a source to purchase the side bars.

Don't waste your time with this type of product. Stick with a hoop.

Katherine's Reply: Thanks so much for your frank review. Since I don't usually use a hoop or frame, it's helpful to other stitchers that you've detailed your exact experience. I've often wondered about the tension problem you've described, and would be interested to know how scroll frame users compensate.

Since the Q-Snap-style frames clamp the fabric on all four sides, do they solve this?

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Feb 08, 2011
Split rail farme a winner in the long run.
by: Anonymous

I made myself a split rail frame.

I needed a large frame (cheaply) for a 50cm x 70cm ribbon embroidery. I could not use my usual hoops, as it would have crushed my work as I moved it. Plus, I could not afford or find a big enough frame with the snap on edges.

I left extra fabric attached at the edges of the embroidery to fit in the split rails. Then I simply wound the dowels tight and tightened the screws (this was a two-person job to keep it tight and tighten the bolts at the same time.)

To overcome the tension problem at the sides of the fabric, I stapled fabric to the edge strips.

Then I ran a ladder stitch down the sides, attaching my embroidery to this fabric. This does mean the embroidery must stay in this position for the entire project though (which is exactly what I wanted anyway).

I then worked with the frame resting between two TV tables, so I was hands-free as well.

This was a great success for this large project, but I do actually prefer my hoops if I need something drum tight.

Feb 03, 2011
Thanks for being FRANK!
by: Jan

Thank you so much for those comments. I was just in the process of purchasing one, thinking it would solve all my problems. I thought it was a bleeding pain with a hoop but, after your comments, I will stick with it until I see something that is going to keep my cross stitch taut all the way around.

It's not as though they are really cheap either. Here's hoping someone will come up with something.
Thanks again.

Jun 13, 2010
Me, too! Same Problem with My Split Rail Scroll Frame
by: Anonymous

I had the exact same problem, except mine didn't provide vertical tension either! I received one of those split rail scroll frames as a gift and am ashamed that I never use it. My hoops and Q- frame work better and aren't as cumbersome to use. There are other frames I could try, but I can't justify the cost, as embroidery is just a hobby for me.

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