My Split Rail Scroll Frame-Took time to grow on me...but....

by Hollyamy

...After I finally learned how to use my split rail scroll frame right and 'got used to it' - things went much easier for me. I purchased it because it claimed easy and user friendly.

This is true to those who are willing to put the time into figuring it out before giving up on it. It does take patience, which is not printed on the box, of course.

Horizontal tension is difficult to achieve evenly with a split scroll, because the middle section tends to sit much looser than ends where the rod tightening bolts are.

I conquered this issue by simply scrolling all of my fabric to the bottom, then tightening top and bottom rods until it would not wind anymore. Therefore, I achieve even tension throughout the foundation of the fabric.

I inserted an inch or two at the top and wound it as tight as possible up there. It was rather loose, but at this stage, that is ok.

Then, whatever fabric was still hanging at the bottom, I inserted the first inch or two of the bottom of the fabric into the bottom scroll bar. I wound that as tightly as possible until I felt tugging from the top, and everything tightened up very nicely.

I no longer have any issues with loose tension.

If there is enough fabric in both split bars, then as you wind the fabric, the fabric in the splits will help to create even more tension in the middle of your fabric base.

It's foolproof this way, and so far, everyone I've showed it to has never had problems again.

Katherine's Reply: Thanks, Hollyamy, for your very detailed explanation. It can be very frustrating to excitedly purchase a new product, only then finding that it falls short of your expectations. Your experience may mean the difference between success and failure.

Would you consider creating a video to demonstrate what you've described above? If so, email me through our contact page.

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Jul 23, 2010
Split Rail Rods Solution
by: Anonymous

I also had problems because one of my split rails was milled a little too much on the open end. I overcame that by cutting a one inch width of the textured matting that was popular for kitchen cupboard use and inserting it with the fabric. Between that and your description of how you wind I couldn't wish for anything better and it sure beats having to baste the fabric down on webbing.

Katherine's Reply: I'm convinced that we cross stitchers love the craft so much that we're very creative when it comes to overcoming obstacles. And I'm especially impressed that so many are willing to take the time to share their experiences for the purpose of helping others. This topic has been a perfect example of both!

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