Cross Stitch Alphabet 18

Use Robot Alphabet to evoke the feeling of computer communication. Computers are everywhere these days, even in our refrigerators! And even though computer displays sport more refined letters, we still use stylized alphabets to get the message across.

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Stitching the robot alphabet

The Robot Alphabet, when stitched on 14-count Aida using DMC floss uses:

  • 2 strands for cross stitches
  • 1 strand for backstitches


  • Block letters, standard/straight.

Characters Included:

  • Upper Case Letters
  • Lower Case Letters
  • Numbers
  • Punctuation


  • The upper case letters are 11 stitches high.
  • The lower case letters without ascenders or descenders (ex: a, c, o) are 7 stitches high.
  • The lower case letters with only ascenders (ex: b, d, h) or only descenders, (ex: g, p, y) are 11 stitches high.
  • The lower case "j", with descender and a dot above, is 15 stitches high.


These letters have varying widths. The majority of upper case letters are 6 stitches wide. Most lower case letters are 5 stitches wide.

Stitch complexity

For the partial stitches that make up the angles, you can use 1/4 cross stitches, letting the backstitched outline complete them. Or, use 3/4 cross stitches, with or without the outline for a fuller, rounder look. The fabric and the floss strand count may affect your choice. If you are uncertain, try stitching a few sample letters in the corner of your fabric.

Learn any unfamiliar stitches by clicking on the "How To..." button on the left menu or click here, then select tutorial links at the bottom of the page.


It is assumed that you will change the floss color to reflect your tastes and to coordinate with the rest of your project. Use the same number of strands that you are using throughout the rest of your cross stitch pattern.

How to fit text into a design

Learn how to select and adapt cross stitch alphabets by clicking on the "Alphabet 123s" button on the left menu, or click here.

Click here for a printable cross stitch pattern for this design.

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