Why We Stitch Every Design

In recent years, technology introduced something interesting to the age-old craft of cross stitch--the ability to design using computer software. We can even convert pictures, drawings and other images for use in cross stitch patterns. What would great-aunt Sally have thought of that!

Within a short time, I moved from designing on grid paper to using MS Paint and on to a great program called PCStitch Pro. It greatly simplifies how chart designs are presented.

Designing patterns is an interactive process involving designer, software and needle.

I noticed, though, that patterns must almost always be altered during stitching. This is not a failing of the software, just a fact of nature. Things look different in the real world than in the virtual one.

Cross stitch looks different on fabric than it does on the computer

One factor is that, even though modern monitors can show millions of colors (!), they are a bear to adjust in order to show colors the way we see them in real life. Graphic designers, and others who do extremely sensitive color work, use very expensive hardware just to be able to sync their monitors with ink colors.

No two computers, belonging to us "civilians," are likely to display the same colors for a photograph, painting or, yes, even cross stitch patterns.

Despite millions of colors, monitors are a bear to adjust

And, that's why we stitch every design (except for the very simplest alphabets). That is your guarantee that each cross stitch chart can be stitched as it is presented, so you won't have to make changes along the way. (Nobody likes to rip out stitches!) We've found the problem areas for you, and changed them in the charts.

We also select symbols for the charts that are easy to read, even in the smaller size used for partial stitches, and ones that are easy to tell from adjoining ones.

One last thing. You might notice that we give lots of instructions with our charts. Probably... no, definitely more than you need. We like to go the extra mile here, so your cross stitch journey will be a joyful one!

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