Tulip Bookmark Printable Pattern

This tulip bookmark celebrates the sturdiness, tenacity and beauty of nature. Tulips are among the heartiest and earliest blooming flowers. They show us that all things become new again, even through the last remaining snow.

Click here for a printable Tulip Cross Stitch Chart

Sometimes nature can inspire us, give us that extra little incentive to get out there and do what needs to be done. Whether by example or simply providing the pick-me-up of seeing its beauty, we can go about our business with a quicker step and a lighter heart just from the merest exposure.

Design details for tulip bookmark

Stitch Count: 39 high x 113 width including 1 inch fringe each end.

Fabric and Approximate Finished Design Sizes
9 ct. Aida 12 1/2" high x 4 3/8" wide
11 ct. Aida 10 1/4" high x 3 1/2" wide
14 ct. Aida 8 1/8" high x 2 3/4" wide
18 ct. Aida 6 1/8" high x 2 1/8" wide

For other sizes, let our handy stitch count table do the calculations for you.

I embroidered "Garden Treasures Bookmark - Tulip" on 14-count Aida using DMC 6-strand cotton floss. Selected stitches are then highlighted with Kreinik Metallics Blending Filament. See our 5 Tips for Stunning Results with Metallic Floss.


  • This bookmark is made by stitching a front and back design on two separate pieces of fabric, then sewing them together.
  • The front features a tulip in full bloom.
  • The back uses our Floral Alphabet pattern to stitch our Aunt Elizabeth's knickname, "Bitsy." Use a name or favorite saying here.
  • Pale colors dot the background, and the edges are stitched in a mock lace pattern.
  • Opalescent metallic floss stitches add a subtle shimmer to the background and edges.
  • The inch-long white fringe on both ends is accented with dark green strands. See Bookmark Accents to learn how to add floss for this effect.
  • This design can also be adapted to stitch on precut bookmarks.
  • Some areas are overstitched with metallic floss.

Stitch complexity

Click here for the printable Bookmark with instructions, stitch count and floss numbers. A new window will open so you can continue browsing here.

You can print all 4 pages of the file or just the pages you wish.

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