Cross Stitch Ornament Hangers

Ok, so you have finished your cross stitch ornament. Now, how are you going hang it? Some how the hangers you use for other ornaments just don't look nice enough.

These ornament hangers add an extra touch to your Cross Stitch Christmas ornaments. You may even want to use them on ornaments that don't already have Memory Thread incorporated in them.

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In the following steps, I will use the term "wire" to mean Memory Thread.

Step 1. Cut two strands of wire. I've used two different colors, but you can also do the same with two strands of the same color when you want this braided effect.

For the mini ornaments, I started with 5 inch long strands. Put Fray block on each end, and wait for that to dry. This will prevent the fiber from raveling off the wire as it is handled.

Step 2. Holding both wires, use your thumb and finger to twist them tightly. If your braid is too loose, it will look sloppy and will be difficult to make the pinwheels.

Step 3.  On one end, bend the tips over about 1/8 inch. Fold them over again. Then one more time.

Step 4. Now you should be able to hold this end between your thumb and forefinger and begin winding the braid around in a circular fashion. Do the same with the other end. Stop when there is about two inches of wire left between the two pinwheels.

Step 5. Fold the wire in half. Place a small amount of craft glue on the inside of each pinwheel. At the top of the ornament, place one on the front side of the ornament and one on the back side. The entire pinwheel should be attached to the ornament for better stability.

If you want to give the hanger an hourglass shape, wait until the glue pinwheels have dried for 24 hours. Place a tiny bit of glue on the inside of one braid, and pinch it together with the other. Hold them in this position until they stay without holding. Let these dry for 24 hours.

There! You've just made cross stitch ornament hangers. They look so much nicer than ornament hooks and give your hand crafted cross stitch just the right touch of Christmas class.

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