How to Cross Stitch the
Most Basic Stitch Type

Making a single cross stitch seems to be the simplest of tasks, but like doing anything the first time, you can still make mistakes. Luckily, though, after doing a couple of these, you will have mastered it.

The lessons that follow this one will show you how to make rows. You might think you could just make one after another in succession, but other methods make for speedier, easier work. For now, though, just follow these steps to see how one is made.

In the illustrations, an up-arrow represents bringing your needle from the back, or "wrong" side, of the fabric up through to the top, or "right" side. A down-arrow means to push your needle from the top of the fabric down through to the back.

The fabric details are enlarged to simplify understanding.

How to make a cross stitch

Steps 1 and 2 form the first diagonal stitch.

The remaining steps form the diagonal cross and complete the stitch.

If you thought that was easy, you're right! To see how this differs from what you'll actually do when working a pattern, see my tutorials on how to complete a row by and the sewing method.

Of course, there are many other forms, such as french knots, daisy, and back stitches, as well as techniques for burying the thread and using a waste knot. Using our illustrated tutorials and videos, you'll master them in no time at all!

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