How to Use Memory Thread to Add a 3D Look to Your Projects

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You have made a knot around the wire.

Move to the next cross stitch under the wire.

Slide the needle under.

Circle around ...

Go under the wire and the same cross stitch, then through the loop.

Pull the loop taut.

You have made a second knot around the wire. Bury the end of the floss and then trim.

DMC Memory Thread isn't just for outlining. It can be used to create an entirely new element on your cross stitch design. Check out the DMC website for more ideas.

It's great for writing words in cursive, swirls and curves. You can be as conservative or whimsical as you wish. The ornament hangers on these ornaments demonstrate how versatile it is.

Click here to see how to make these cross stitch ornament hangers.

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