Cross Stitch Alphabet 29
"In My Heart"

The In My Heart Alphabet 29 makes the perfect choice for Valentine's Day, a Wedding Record or Anniversary, a loved one's birthday... or any other time when love is in the air.

Hmmm... It would also work well in combination with the baby heart designs.

When choosing colors, take a cue from the conventions of flower gift giving. People often give yellow roses to symbolize familial love.

Dark red roses are given to a fiance or wife, symbolizing a passionate or deeply fulfilling relationship. Try anything in between.

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"In My Heart" Alphabet 29 Cross Stitch Pattern

"In My Heart"
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As you can see at the top of this page, it looks better when stitched (as in the "I Love You" example) than it does as a screen shot from my design.

In the design example for Alphabet 29

When stitched on 14-count fabric using DMC floss:

  • use 2 strands for cross stitches
  • use 1 strand for backstitches


  • Block letters, standard/straight

Characters Included:

  • Upper Case Letters
  • Lower Case Letters
  • Numbers
  • Punctuation


  • The main body of the upper case letters is 14 stitches high. The "Q" extends an additional stitch below.
  • The lower case letters without ascenders or descenders (ex: a, c, o) are 8 stitches high.
  • The main body of the lower case letters with only ascenders (ex: b, d, h) or only descenders, (ex: g, p, y) are 14 stitches high.
  • The lower case "j", with descender and a dot above, is 20 stitches high.


The majority of the upper case letters are 9 stitches wide.

Stitch complexity

The in My Heart alphabet is an easy to stitch alphabet that uses only full cross stitches and backstitches. If these are unfamiliar to you, click on the links above or click the "Cross Stitch" or "Backstitch" button on the left menu, under the "Tutorials" section.

Note that only the edges of the letters are defined with outline; the hearts are not. This difference helps the letters to stand out more than the hearts.


As discussed above, if you change these colors, stitch some sample letters first. If combining it with another project, use the same number of strands that you are using throughout the rest of your project.

How do you fit text into a design?

Learn how to select and adapt cross stitch alphabets by clicking on the "Alphabet 123s" button in the left menu, or click here.

Click here for a printable cross stitch pattern for "In My Heart" Alphabet 29".

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