Baby Cross Stitch Patterns

Here are 32 bright, engaging, familiar images for your baby cross stitch projects. From bibs to booties to blankets, these colorful designs add life and laughter to baby's favorite belongings.

But those pastels are so pretty, aren't they?

If you've been looking for baby cross stitch designs, you've no doubt found that there are many beautiful, detailed images in the soft, muted, pastel colors often associated with babies. They appeal to adults, those baby blues and pinks and greens and lavendars,  stitched on blankets that look positively lovely folded over the back of a rocker or the side of a crib.

But take a walk down the toy aisle at your local store. Dozens and dozens of different toys have one thing in common--most are made in vibrant colors and shapes that catch baby's attention.

So if you want to make a child's "blanky"--the one they carry around everywhere and have to wait til they're asleep before you can launder it-- make it with bright colors and basic shapes they recognize.

These cross stitch hearts are so versatile because they

  • are stitched in bright colors that catch baby's attention
  • appeal to both boys and girls
  • are animals, toys and shapes that babies know and love
  • won't be outgrown as babies mature into toddlers
  • can be used individually or in combination
  • countless uses on blankets, clothing, accessories or as wall decor
  • are quick and easy to stitch

Cross stitch animal hearts

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Cross stitch toy hearts

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Cross stitch design hearts

Clicking on several of these "design hearts" will take you to a page with other ideas for using them. From there you can click to the individual PDF patterns.

Cross stitch prayer hearts

Often, it is the first prayer we learn as children. What blanket would be complete without it?

You've settled on cross stitch baby afghan

That's how I got started designing these baby cross stitch hearts - to use on an afghan for my grandchild.

If you need help with your afghan, click here to find:

  • how to choose your afghan cloth
  • specifications to consider before buying
  • sample afghan layouts
  • 5 easy steps for planning your afghan layout
Baby Cross Stitch AfghanCross Stitch Hearts Baby Afghan

More uses than you can imagine

Since that first baby afghan, I have found lots of uses for these little hearts. We've mentioned bibs, booties, bottle covers . . . but they are not just for kids. How about for kid's to stitch as their first cross stitch projects?  There are so many others--check out these ideas, and maybe they'll inspire you, too!

Don't forget a birth record!

An angel trumpets from the Heavens a "Welcome" to the newborn baby.  Use one of our alphabets to personalize the details.

Click here to go to the pattern page for our Angel Welcome Birth Record.

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