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These heart cross stitch patterns were originally created to use on a baby afghan or quilt. These decorative designs accompanied the themed hearts with specific images that would appeal to babies and toddlers. The heart "frame" encircled and tied together a wide variety of pictures and patterns.

There are so many other uses. Look through the ideas below. You're sure to come up with some of your own.

Cross stitch greeting cards

Click here for the "5 Hearts in 1" Heart  pattern. A PDF will open in a new window.

These heart cross stitch designs are perfect as greeting cards! When you need a greeting card in a hurry, but want something more personal, these are a great choice:

  • for encouragement during tough times (Rainbow Heart as a reminder of God's promise)
  • for a bright future ahead (Sunshine Heart)
  • for retirement (Sailboat Heart)
  • to tell your husband "We're pregnant!" (Blocks Heart spelling out "Our Baby")
  • for get-back-on-your-feet message (Circus Dog)
  • to congratulations on a job well done (Inchworm - You measure up!)
  • and, of course, LOVE

Whether to your significant other, children, parents, grandparents, friends, anyone you love. You don't have to just send one. Imagine sending one every week leading up to a special day.

It's much easier to find precut stationery to complete your cards. Get a variety pack with an assortment of bright colors or go with classic black. They can then be used as a mat when you slip the cross stitch piece into a frame.

I originally had to cut and assemble my own cards, but you now have a lot more choices. Check out the products below. I have not personally used any of them, but they'll give you a place to start looking.

Pay close attention to the specifications, like the card size and window dimensions.

Let me know your experience with them and similar products, and I will add them to the page.

You're not limited to stitching on fabric. Now there is a variety of perforated paper to choose from.

Clothes - Sassy or sophisticated?

Click here for the "Blue Lace" Heart pattern. A PDF will open in a new window.

The size range of these heart cross stitch patterns makes them so versatile. The pattern and colors you choose determine whether you're adding a fun or classy accent to your clothing.

On 18-count fabric, when stitched over two threads, gives you a nicely sized 2 1/2-inch heart perfect for a jeans pocket or baseball cap.

To go small, stitch the same over a single thread and you have a heart under and 1 1/2 inches, perfect for an accent on a shirt collar, pocket or cuff.

Use cross stitch waste canvas to put your designs on non-cross stitch fabric. I have not tried these yet, but this should give you a place to start looking.

Pay close attention to product details, like the count, removal method and user reviews.

Let me know your experience with them and similar products, and I will add them to the page.

Kids' cross stitch patterns

Click here for the "Wildflowers" Heart pattern. A PDF will open in a new window.

It's often hard to find designs for kids to make. The heart cross stitch patterns on this page, as well as the ones on the "for baby" page are a great place to start. Kids will find they

  • are small enough for kids to handle without a hoop
  • are quick for beginners to stitch
  • use only full cross stitches and backstitches (for the design hearts on this page)
  • can easily change colors to make their hearts unique
  • can put to use basic math skills (counting, adding, subtracting)
  • will experience a sense of satisfaction and confidence as they successfully complete each one
  • learn the value of giving (and receiving!) a hand-made item

Plastic canvas, instead of fabric, is another option for smaller children.

Please carefully read the descriptions. Some have only a couple of sheets, while one listed here is for a bulk package of 12 sheets.

Have kids use larger, blunt needles (similar to darning needles) with plastic canvas.

Afghan & Quilts - not just for baby

Click here for the "Southwest" Heart pattern. A PDF will open in a new window.

A comfortable living or family room can't be complete without an afghan tossed over the back of a couch or rocker. Not those rooms in the latest high-fashion, interior design photo layouts. I'm talking about rooms that families really live in.

You know what I'm talking about. Those afghans you find

  • on Grandma's or Grandpa's lap when the nights get chilly
  • spread out on the floor where daughter is sprawled on her stomach doing homework
  • rolled up under your son's head, while he lays on the couch consumed with his latest gadget
  • tucked around toddlers and parents, snuggling up for the evening's bedtime story
  • shared by Mom and Dad, holding hands, for the first quiet moment of the day

If they were food, afghans and quilts would be comfort food.

Stitch them the way they are or, even better, use your own color combinations. Use one cross stitch heart pattern, stitched in a variety of colors. Or, stitch every pattern, using the same color scheme for all.

These should give you some ideas about afghans that you can cross stitch.

Be sure to carefully read the specifications - stitch count, number and size of squares, total afghan size, fiber content, etc.

Hearts for baby and toddlers

Click here for the "Lava Lamp" Heart pattern. A PDF will open in a new window.

We've already talked about afghans and quilts. If you haven't done so already, click here for help with choosing your afghan cloth and planning your layout.

There are more and more products that accommodate cross stitch customization. Here's just a few

  • crib bumpers
  • crib mobiles
  • diaper bags and totes
  • tissue box covers
  • bottle covers
  • sipper cups
  • baby towels
  • washcloths and mitts
  • hooded baby towels
  • assorted baby bibs
  • baby clothes
  • baby booties
  • burping cloths

Playtime - Paint a wall in the nursery or playroom with magnetic paint. Cross stitch the animals, toys and decorative hearts on plastic canvas. Then attach a magnet so the little ones can play with them. (Be sure this is age appropriate!)

Love your home

Click here for the "Violets" Heart pattern. A PDF will open in a new window.

While you're making these heart cross stitch patterns as gifts for others, remember make some for your own home. The heart frame make it easy to coordinate decor from room to room. Kids will love seeing the hearts they stitched displayed proudly around the house.

In your kitchen

  • napkins
  • tablecloths
  • table runners
  • placemats
  • bread cloths
  • napkin rings
  • potholders
  • trivets


  • tote bags
  • key ring tags
  • luggage tags
  • travel mugs
  • can coolers

In your bathrooms

  • everyday towels
  • guest towels
  • washcloths
  • tissue box cover
  • toothbrush caddy
  • soap and lotion dispensers

In your office

  • mouse pads
  • address books
  • portfolio covers
  • pen/pencil caddies
  • book covers
  • bookmarks
  • rulers

In your bedrooms

  • pillows
  • pillow cases
  • sheets
  • dresser scarves
  • edging on blankets

Around the house

  • switch plate covers
  • outlet covers
  • pet bowls
  • wall clocks
  • coasters
  • album covers
  •  mats
  • magnets

Works of art

These heart cross stitch patterns look great under glass. Use alone or in combination to add a nice accent to walls not large enough for bigger pieces of art. Change colors to match your decor.

Zig Zag, Rainbow and Angles Cross Stitch Hearts in Frame

Click here for "Zig Zag Rainbow" Heart pattern. A PDF will open in a new window.

Click here for "Rainbow" Heart pattern. A PDF will open in a new window.

Click here for "Rainbow Angles" Heart pattern. A PDF will open in a new window.

Heart Cross Stitch Pattern Details

Stitch Complexity: cross stitches and backstitches.

Stitch Count: 27 high x 29 wide

Finished Design Size: Our handy stitch count table will calculate size based on your fabric count.

I hope you enjoy making these heart cross stitch designs as much as I have!

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