Circus Dog Chart Cross Stitch

No baby quilt or afghan would be complete without a puppy. Wanting to do something a little different, I didn't have to look far for inspiration. I already embroidered a seal, balancing a ball on it's nose, in a circus setting. A little brown dog, leaping through a hoop, ears and tail flying, was the perfect choice.

Cross stitch Circus Dog and Circus Seal opposite of one another with a space in between. Join them by a small heart border at the top and at the bottom. Cross stitch letters in the middle for baby's name. Or, embroider some sentiment, such as "Baby Sleeping."

These two are ideal for those applications that require a pair. Always on the lookout for new products, I discovered cross stitch baby booties! They can be stitched on both the top and the bottom. Facing each other, embroider "Circus Seal" on one and "Circus Dog" on the other. This duo will captivate baby and bring a smile to Mom and Dad.

Click here for Circus Dog Chart

Stitch Complexity

On bibs, consider centering this heart, then cross stitch smaller hearts extending to the left and right. Or, stitch this design to the left or right edge, and add the child's name. Flip the design and cross stitch two facing one another, with little hearts or the name across the middle.

Stitch Count: 21 high x 23 wide

Fabric and Finished Design Sizes:

9 Evenweave/Aida 2 1/2"h x 2 3/8"w (also for 18ct over 2 threads)
11 Evenweave/Aida 2 1/8"h x 1 7/8"w
14 Evenweave/Aida 1 5/8"h x 1 1/2"w
18 Evenweave/Aida (over 2 threads) 2 1/2"h x 2 3/8"w

For other Fabric and Finished Design Sizes, let our handy stitch count table do the calculations for you.

Click here for the Circus Dog chart with instructions, stitch count and floss numbers. A new window will open so you can continue browsing here.

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