Christmas Cross Stitch Patterns

Any time of the year is the right time for looking at Christmas cross stitch patterns!

Making gifts for Christmas is a time-honored tradition. But for cross-stitchers, it's not one you can start in November.

Stitch it in a weekend

There's just something about cross stitch and Christmas that goes together. But no one can deny that the closer the holidays get, the more hectic our lives become. It's easy to give up and take a trip down to the local super store for a gift we can buy off the shelf, declaring that "next year will be different."

Before you do, check out these Christmas cross stitch patterns.

They were specifically designed

  • so you can stitch them quickly
  • to be easy enough for beginners . . .
  • but doesn't look like a beginners pattern
  • so they'd be easy to take with you for stitching anywhere
  • to have big impact colors and designs
  • with traditional images and sentiments
  • so each can be personalized
  • to become part of a collection, with a new one designed yearly

Though they are shown here as ornaments, these Christmas cross stitch patterns can be used alone or together, for

  • ornaments
  • greeting cards
  • framed art
  • hand towels
  • dish towels
  • napkins
  • bread cloths
  • table cloths
  • table runners
  • tree skirts
  • pillows
  • afghans
  • many other applications

Christmas cross stitch patterns

I stitched these as Christmas ornaments. The back was personalized with the Christmas greeting, name of the recipient, the year, my and my husband's name. I joined the sides, fringed the edges and attached a ribbon hanger.

Click here to learn how to join sides and how to make fringe.

I finished the Mini Candy Canes by joining sides, but without fringe. I used Memory thread to accent the front design and to make the hangers. Click here to learn how to use Memory Thread on your Christmas cross stitch patterns.


"His eyes how they twinkled. His dimples how merry! His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry!"

Click here for Santa pattern page.

Santa - Front


Two-toned purple letters with a bright, shining golden star in place of the letter "O".

Click here for Hope pattern page.

Hope Ornament - Front

Hope Onament - Back

"Let it Snow"

An oversized, icy blue snowflake creates the "O" in "Let it Snow" as tiny snowflakes dot the background.

Click here for Let it Snow pattern page,

Let it Snow - Front

Let it Snow - Back


The letter "Y" curls around pine branches, where a golden yellow bulb hangs from a Christmas-red "Joy."

Click here for Joy pattern page.

Joy - Front

Joy - Back


Statuesque purple letters spell "Hark, " where the form of an angel adorned with golden wings and halo.

Click here for Hark pattern page.

Hark - Front

Hark - Back


Royal blue letters spell everyone's wish for Christmas and always. A lavender dove rests on pine branches.

Click here for Peace pattern page.

Peace - Front

Peace - Back

Mini Candy Canes

These quick and easy candy canes can be stitched in an evening.

Click here for Candy Cane pattern page.

Accent your Christmas cross stitch ornaments by making these neat little hangers using DMC Memory Thread. Click here!

Use creativity to communicate your Christmas message

Not all of these alphabets were designed specifically to be cross stitch Christmas patterns. But many cross stitch alphabets can be adapted to get your message across. All you have to do is

  1. decide on your message (verse, quote, lyrics or poem)
  2. print the cross stitch alphabet pattern you want to try (click here for free alphabets)
  3. print some graph paper (click here for free graph paper)
  4. using colored pencils or markers, apply the colors associated with the holidays
  5. don't be afraid to get creative with your layout (click Alphabet 123s for help).

Holiday Greetings on the back of your Mini Candy Cane Ornaments

Check out these alphabet ideas!

Click here for Cross Stitch Alphabet 10 "Curling Ribbon"

Click here for Cross Stitch Alphabet 24 "Holiday"

Click here for Cross Stitch Alphabet 28 "Santa." Both examples above use "Santa."

Click here for Cross Stitch Alphabet 17 "Christmas Holly" above

Click here for Cross Stitch Alphabet 8 "Candy Cane" above

Click here for our other Christian themed designs.

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