JP Coats to Anchor Floss Conversion Table

This JP Coats to Anchor Conversion table shows JP Coats floss colors on the left and their corresponding Anchor numbers. If you need access to this information when you're away from your computer, look at the bottom of this page for a link to a printable version of this table.

JP CoatsColor DescriptionAnchor
1002Off White926
2288Lemon Light288
2290Canary Bright297
2292Golden Yellow Very Light292
2293Yellow Dark301
2294Topaz Light302
2298Canary, Deep302
2300Yellow Beige, Light852
2302Orange, Light303
2303Tangerine, Light303
2305Wheat Straw891
2306Golden Brown1002
2308Golden Brown, Medium1001
2314Tangerine, Medium304
2322Orange Spice, Dark326
2327Pumpkin Bright316
2332Burnt Orange330
2334Bright Orange-Red334
2337Terra Cotta, Light1012
3001Cranberry, Light62
3003Dusty Rose, Light74
3004Dusty Rose, Very Dark68
3006Peach Flesh, Light6
3008Peach Flesh9
3012Melon, Dark35
3013Salmon, Dark1015
3019Rose, Very Deep1025
3021Christmas Red, Dark45
3044Garnet, dark43
3046Christmas Red, Bright46
3065Cranverry, Very Dark1028
3066Coral, Light1026
3068Salmon, Light1020
3071Salmon, Medium1023
3080Antique Mauve, Light968
3081Antique Mauve, Medium1017
3082Antique Mauve, Dark1028
3087Mauve, Mediumnone
3089Mauve, Dark1028
3125Carnation, Very Light36
3127Carnation, Light28
3128Carnation, Dark40
3150Dusty Rose, Very Light73
3151Cranberry, Very Light50
3152Carnation, Medium38
3176Antique Rose, Medium76
3335Sportsman Flesh881
3337Sportsman Flesh, Dark1004
3500Christmas Red9046
4097Violet, Light109
4101Violet, Dark100
4104Violet, Very Dark108
5349Golden Brown, Dark351
5360Beige Brown, Very Dark360
5365Brown, Very Light1046
5374Brown, Medium374
5376Beige Brown, Light378
5379Beige Brown, Medium379
5382Brown Grey, Dark382
5472Coffee Brown, Medium359
5477Coffee Brown, Ultra Dark380
5933Beige Brown, Ultra Very Light388
6001Parrot Green, Light255
6015Pistachio Green, Very Light1043
6017Pistachio Green, Medium215
6018Pistachio Green, Dark217
6030Nile Green, Light203
6185Aquamarine, Light186
6186Aquamarine, Dark187
6187Aquamarine, Very Dark187
6205Emerald Green, Medium205
6211Jade, Very Dark212
6226Kelly Green227
6227Christmas Green, Bright923
6228Christmas Green923
6238Chartreuse, Bright238
6239Parrot Green, Dark226
6246Pistachio Green, Very Dark218
6253Avocado Green, Ultra Light253
6256Parrot Green, Medium256
6258Willow Green244
6266Apple Green266
6267Avocado Green281
6269Pine Green, Darknone
6875Blue Green, Light1042
6876Blue Green877
6878Blue Green, Dark878
7001Peacock Blue433
7010Imperial Blue410
7020Delft, Pale144
7022Cornflower Blue, Dark131
7023Blue, Medium132
7052Antique Blue, Dark1035
7080Delft, Dark131
7100Royal Blue, Dark133
7110Blue Violet, Medium176
7150Cornflower Blue, Very Dark941
7159Blue, Very Light160
7160Navy Blue, Ultra Dark152
7161Blue, Light161
7162Wedgewood, Medium170
8397Beaver Grey, Light397
8514Pewter Gray, Dark401

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