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How to Cross Stitch

How Make the Most Basic Form

Cross Stitch Row Tutorial

The "Sewing Method"

"Burying the Thread"

Preparing Fabric for Stitching

Waste Knots to Secure Thread

Make a Half Stitch

Quarter Stitch Tutorial

Make a Three Quarter Stitch

Straight Stitching

Using the Backstitch to Define

French Knot in Four Easy Steps

Make a Daisy Stitch

Join Sides of a Project

Make Fringe

Floss Bookmark Accents

Working "Over Two Threads"

Why You NEED a Needle Threader

How to Re-thread the Needle

Floss Coverage

Separating Floss without Knots

Metallic Floss Tips

Free Cross Stitch Charts

'Let it Snow' Ornament

'Hark' Christmas Ornament

My Bear to Cross

He is Risen Cross Stitch

Mothers Day Cross Stitch

Peace Christmas Ornament

Hope Christmas Ornament

"The Word" Bookmark

Tulip Bookmark

Iris Bookmark

Joy Christmas Ornament

Angel Welcome Birth Record

Desert Rose Pattern

Southwest Design Pattern

Violets Heart Design Pattern

Wild Flowers Design Pattern

Zig Zag Rainbow Design Pattern

Lava Lamp Design Pattern

Rainbow Angles Design Pattern

Blue Lace Design Pattern

5 Hearts in 1 Design Pattern

Childrens' Prayer Pattern

Apple a Day Pattern

Our Baby Blocks Pattern

Police Car Pattern

Circus Dog Pattern

Circus Seal Pattern

Dolpins Pattern

Firetruck Pattern

Inchworm Pattern

Flying Kite

Sleeping Kitten Pattern

Ladybugs and Sunflowers Pattern

Free Cross Stitch Charts (cont.)

Octopus Pattern

Ride 'em Cowboy Stick Pony Pattern

Rainbow Heart Pattern

Rubber Ducky Bathtime Pattern

Sailboat Sunset Pattern

Sunshine Smile Pattern

Toy Train Pattern

Turtle Pattern

Spouting Whale Pattern

Free Alphabet Patterns

"Story Book" Alphabet 01

"Mini Line" Alphabet 02

"Angular Block" Stitch Alphabet 03

"Flourishes" Lower Case Alphabet 04

"Flourishes" Upper Case Alphabet 05

"It's a Fine Line" Alphabet 06

"Locomotive" Alphabet 07

"Candy Cane" Alphabet 08

"Thanksgiving" Alphabet 09

"Curling Ribbon" Cross Stitch Alphabet 10

"Outline" Alphabet 11

"Slim" Alphabet 12

"Lava Lamp" Alphabet 13

"Skyscraper" Alphabet 14

"Floral" Alphabet 15

"Addicted to Cross Stitch" Alphabet 16

"Christmas Holly" Alphabet 17

"Robot" Alphabet 18

"Cotton Candy" Alphabet 19

"Countdown" Alphabet 20

"Basic Block" Alphabet 21

"Curly Q's" Alphabet 22

"Box Kite" Alphabet 23

"Holiday" Alphabet 24

"Basic Block" Alphabet 25

"Elongated Block" Alphabet 26

"Cutlass" Alphabet 27

"Santa" Alphabet 28

Baby Afghan Layouts

Baby Afghan Layouts

Free Heart Printable Patterns

Free Prayer Printable Chart

Stitch Count to Inches

Expanded Stitch Count Printout

How to Pick Cross Stitch Supplies

Selecting Cross Stitch Needles

Selecting Needle Accessories

Choosing Scissors for Cross Stitch

How to Choose an Embroidery Hoop

Guide to Affordable Cross Stitch

How to Choose an Embroidery Hoop

Choosing a Scroll Frame

Is the Q-Snap a Better Frame?

Fabric Prep Product

Printable Graph Paper

Print 9-count Graph Paper

Print 10-count Graph Paper

Print 11-count Graph Paper

Print 14-count Graph Paper

Videos on this Site

How to Take the Frustration Out of French Knots

Using a Needle Threader with Floss

How to Separate Floss for Cross Stitch

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